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Our attorneys are known for their extensive experience, deep understanding of complex family law disputes, and exceptional negotiation, litigation and mediation skills. They do not offer “cookie-cutter” advice. Instead, our lawyers determine the unique needs, concerns and priorities of each client so that they can provide the advice and counsel needed to help resolve each client’s specific family law issue as efficiently and fairly as possible.

Dedicated to providing our clients with the highest-quality family law representation and mediation services. Our practice is focused in Hamilton County, Tennessee, and the surrounding counties.

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Both of our attorneys are also family law mediators with over two decades of mediation experience. As mediators, they respectfully, efficiently and objectively evaluate both sides of a case. Then, they constructively assist mediation clients in an effort to find common ground and facilitate a settlement without the necessity for a contested trial.

We Bring Objectivity, Experience And In-Depth Knowledge

At McWilliams Gold & Larramore, we do not use “cookie-cutter” strategies to resolve your family law issues. Our attorneys take the time to listen to you so that they understand your concerns, perspectives and objectives. They then counsel you as to the specifics of your case and discuss a range of realistic outcomes given the facts, laws, equities and considerations that apply to your case. Finally, our lawyers work with you to create a custom strategy that will help them optimize and maximize your prospects for accomplishing a favorable outcome.

Our legal team has over 65 combined years of experience helping our clients resolve their family law issues. Whether your case involves a high-asset/alimony divorce, child custody, post-divorce modifications, parental relocation, grandparent visitation rights or any other family law dispute, our lawyers can help you.

Knowledge Is Empowering

The practice of family law and mediation is more than a job to us. We are committed to serving our clients, and that commitment brings with it a passion and dedication to continue to learn and improve the legal system.

When not representing clients, our attorneys attend family law seminars, and, for many years, they have also served as presenters and speakers at family law seminars in Chattanooga and other locations throughout Tennessee. This ensures that they stay informed as to all reported family law cases in Tennessee as well as changes to the family law statutes, child support guidelines and applicable court rules.

Staying informed with the latest developments in family law is important because it enables our team to provide our clients with the most current, up-to-date advice and counsel. Empowering our clients with this knowledge helps them make better, more informed decisions while our lawyers work to favorably resolve their cases so they can move forward with the next chapters of their lives.

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